The Lina chair, in its versions with and without arms, has a design inspired by the work of the Italian-Brazilian architect Lina Bo Bardi.


A pioneer of furniture design in Brazil, and one of the main exponents of modernist architecture in the country, Lina is recognized worldwide for bold and grandiose works, such as Sesc Pompéia, Casa de Vidro and most notably, MASP. His production always suggests a dialogue between universalist modernity and popular regionalist culture. Lina proposes empty and unfinished spaces, which will be filled by people's daily use. He was completely averse to futility.


The main feature of the Lina chair is the light structure, composed of geometric shapes with details in swing - the free span of architecture - combined with the molded plywood shell that integrates seat and back. The upholstery work adds a touch of sophistication and comfort.