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In the simplicity of the line and the complexity of the concept, I seek in design to open a direct path to the heart, through products that surprise in a subtle way and enchant when seen and experienced.


Thus, in the furniture, the concise and expressive trait, the harmony of proportions and the true comfort - provided by ergonomics - are manifested in a ubiquitous way.


Always looking for the valorization of Brazilian culture, combining beauty, authenticity and timelessness.

“Design will be useless,
if you don't have the ability to thrill. ”

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“In addition to being an academic training and a profession,
design is an attitude of always proposing something new to the world,
in a way that the novelty can be accepted, understood and appreciated. "

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Cadeira Cora Tapeçada - Mel Claro - 210-

“What inspires me?
The warmth of wood and natural materials. ”

“The designer does not design for himself, but for others.
Therefore, you need to understand the contexts in which your creation will be manufactured, sold and used. ”

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"The creation process is discontinuous, it requires experimentation, intensive dedication and courage / BOLDNESS.
Designing is taking the risk! "

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The house is a haven, a place to relax and dream from the search for calm and silence. Where the pace of life slows down and the mind is allowed to travel. For that, it is necessary to create environments that offer peace, calm and refuge . ”

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“Natural raw materials that involve and connect people to their hearts.”

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“The valorization of space as an extension of the EU -
connect with yourself and others
. ”

“What inspires me? The natural beauty. ”


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