The Clarice bench has its free inspiration in Clarice Lispector, the greatest writer of Brazilian modernism.


Born in Ukraine, of Jewish origin, Clarice arrived in Brazil at the age of two. Her family was fleeing persecution of Jews in the Russian civil war of 1918. She was one of the first women to study law in Brazil. He spoke several languages, wrote in Portuguese, French and English.

The forms of the Clarice bench express this combination of delicacy and strength so present in the writer's literary work. The seat, formed by smooth curves in slatted wood, symbolizes fluidity and delicacy.


The structure, with a large free span and formed by feet with beveled details, is both light and strong. The union between these two elements is made with recessed crossbars, which are practically invisible. This reinforces the impression of lightness, as if the seat were a representation of the passing breeze.


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